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Middleton Doll captured the beauty and innocence of childhood more than 30 years ago, and the company's commitment to quality continues today. Starting with the unique artistry of its founder, Lee Middleton, the company is recognized by doll enthusiasts as the industry leader of vinyl collectible baby dolls. Every year, Middleton Doll introduces more than 100 new dolls in various skin tones, eye colors, hair colors, and sizes. Designed to look like real babies, each doll by Middleton Doll is sculpted by an award-winning doll artist who incorporates incredible detail into every crease, fold, and curve. Dolls by Middleton Doll set the standard for excellence.

In 2010, The Middleton Doll Company was purchased by The Alexander Doll Company, ensuring its continued vibrancy into the future. Most operations, including design and production management, were moved from Ohio to New York. Middleton Dolls is in good hands, as is evidenced by the wonderful collection of dolls offered on this website. We look forward to an exciting future of continued innovation and creativity at The Middleton Doll Company!

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Leopard Slacks
Leopard Slacks
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Pink and White Sandals
Pink and White Sandals
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Babblebaby Angel Love
Babblebaby Angel Love
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Angel Love  NewBorn Nursery Black Baby Doll
Angel Love NewBorn Nursery Black Baby Doll
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