Molly Golli & Peg
Molly Golli & Peg

Molly Golli & Peg EAN 651878

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Molly Golli & Peg
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Steiff Molly Golli & Peg
by Steiff
EAN: 651878
Size: 9 inches
Material: Mohair and Wool Felt

This rare, vintage Steiff Molly Golli and Peg was produced as an exclusive limited edition for the Toledo Ohio Toy Store. Molly Golli and Peg EAN 651878 was the 2nd in the series following Golli G & Teddy B. EAN 651861.

Molly Golli & Peg is in pristine new condition with Steiff hang tag certificate of authenticity and packaged in a Steiff gift box.

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